Disenchanted with politics?

New ways in politics started emerging everywhere in Europe. That’s why we created this website with the most exciting new models.

Why do we need new ideas?Why do we need new models?

But the rules have changed!

A global crisis, called pandemic, began in 2020. Where has democracy gone? We can’t post new models, since governments no longer want them.
Find out what citizens are creating to fill a political gap.

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Quantum Flirts

Quantum Flirts invite you to new thinking. They are an invitation to put on new glasses. Are you ready?

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Why do we need new models?

We see the limits of our traditional ways in politics. Old systems are crumbling.

The new models are expressing human evolution in the 21st Century.

Check out the pre-crisis models, and look at the seedlings sprouting in a newly emerging world.

The ModelsCommon Themes

Common Themes

The new political models are amazingly diverse. You find them throughout Europe and beyond.
They do have one important thing in common though:

Their beliefs about HOW we ought to best run our communities and countries. Alternative beliefs then lead to new alternative practices.

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After spending 23 years as a senior staff member at the European Parliament, Elke Esders now works with social innovators throughout Europe and offers coaching and group facilitation primarily to pioneers in politics, people doing voluntary work, social innovators etc.

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