Elke Esders is an expert on new models of governance and emerging movements in Europe. She cooperates with and actively supports individuals and organisations who are working to ensure fair and democratic governance systems. She works with these groups to create new decision-making processes that maximise citizen engagement and to implement the new models.

Elke was a senior staff member at the European Parliament for 23 years.

She is a professional facilitator and coach, holding a Masters degree in Professional Coaching. She is also an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation. For coaching and facilitation her client base is primarily the public sector – International and European Organisations, NGOs, administrations, politicians, etc. She coaches and facilitates in English, German and French.

Here is Elke’s story:

It took me three attempts until I had my dream job as a senior staff member at the European Parliament.

Over the years my dream job became more and more stressful with a constantly growing workload. What does a stressed out person do to find relief? She adds another activity onto her plate! This one was a life-changer though. Alongside my job I attended a health coach training.

Wanting to learn how to deal with stress, I learned so much more. I was particularly fascinated by the possibility of healing our bodies with our mind alone. With a healthy mind and body we can heal our relationships. How cool is that? Eventually we can heal the world by starting to work on our mind!

I never stopped studying those fascinating findings. I learned multiple coaching and  facilitation techniques to also help others create lives and work environments in which they can thrive.

With a widened perspective I realized why the way we do politics cannot really be effective. Many of our existing political practices are diametrically opposed to what neuroscience says about how to achieve results.

Half-way into my 23 years at the European Parliament, I added coaching and group facilitation to my services there.

Then I started meeting politicians and citizens who also realised WHY politics are no longer working the way we expect them to. Many have started creating new models of governance.

Now I work with social innovators throughout Europe.

They are pioneers who are practicing new ways of democracy – at the local, regional, national and international levels.

I am dedicated to facilitating and developing the new politics, new methods of governance.

I study pioneer models and support participants in pursuing new social policy initiatives and connect them across Europe so they can learn from each other.

My aim is to bring to light ways of governance that raise hope in our societies and set examples for others who want to become active too.

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