Have you met any of Donald Trump’s pen pals yet?

Trump and I – an intimate correspondence spanning four years By: Uffe Elbæk, Danish MP for Independent Greens and former Minister for Culture. Several times a week, sometimes several times a day throughout the last four years, I have received a personal message from the American President Donald Trump. I am convinced that if Trump had had his way, it would not have stopped with the messages. Had I but wished it, this could have developed into a truly committed relationship between Trump and me. Time and again the American President has sought my advice on what to do in some case or other. He has asked me for personal … Read more

We don’t have a health care system, we have a sickness care system.

Intent of this document: The current way we are dealing with health is unfit for a world that’s growing together and becoming more inter-dependent. It contributes to dividing our societies. COVID 19 showed this dramatically! It split societies into two tribes (and a middle ground): Those who are fearful of the virus and those who are upset about the lock-down. We have two unconnected approaches to health and medicine: One that we experience publicly and one that’s happening outside the public realm. The division coincides with the two-class health systems in many countries, whereby private health insurances are often reserved for the rich. To these two camps you can add … Read more