Throughout Europe I work with social innovators and established politicians who are paving the way to new politics. These pioneers, working at the local, regional and national levels, are implementing many of the new models featured on this website.

I am passionate about finding new solutions and new, more inclusive decision-making processes in social governance, using models and examples at the cutting edge.

With experience in both politics and group facilitation, I study their pioneer models, interview the actors and inform them about what’s going on in countries and towns other than their own. I support citizens and politicians and create connections across Europe so these innovators can learn from each other.

Let’s shed some public light onto politics that works!

Hence I consult with politicians, governmental and non-governmental organisations on innovative and effective mechanisms for involving citizens and creating more legitimate decision-making processes in a complex world.

Here I assist in areas such as:

  • Learning about new co-creative advanced practices in politics everywhere in Europe and which one best applies to your situation.
  • Creating citizens engagement programmes that work.
  • Identifying bottle necks and challenges in current systems and developing new decision-making models based upon the most innovative and creative approaches currently in practice in Europe.
  • Design policies and structures that optimise political decision-making.
  • Train politicians, administrative staff and citizens to facilitate effective decision-making processes.

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