In Coaching and Facilitation my typical client base is the public sector – International organisations, NGOs, associations, societal and volunteer groups etc.

The teams and groups I work with are mostly international.

Working with a phantastic group in Iceland

Clients turn to me when they want to design new structures or new ways of working within their environments. Many of them aspire to optimise their cooperation, hence their working relationships. They want to create more mindful and meaningful interaction with each other; many want to generate broader consensus. My clients seek innovation. Others may experience conflict and want to learn how to deal with opposing views and manifold opinions in more effective ways and achieve amazing results.

All facilitation activities are thoroughly prepared together with the client and tailored to each client’s specific situation. From a large range of practices, tools, and processes I select the ones that are most appropriate in supporting the needs of any particular client.

As a result of my work with groups and teams, participants develop caring ways of interacting and a greatly enhanced depth in their internal communication.


Celebrating amazing results in Munich


If I was working with your team, the kind of outcomes you can expect are:

  • Acquiring a deeper understanding about how participants tick as a multi-cultural team and as a result.
  • Better connection and ability to work constructively together.
  • Smoothly managing major changes of staff or tasks they are confronted with.
  • Creating their powerful vision and mission.
  • Developing and implementing action plans required to make quantum leaps together.


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DE (original): “Unsere Erwartungen wurden in jeder Hinsicht übertroffen. … Durch den Workshop ist es uns schon jetzt geglückt die Zusammenarbeit im Verein deutlich zu verbessern und auch unsere zwischenmenschlichen Beziehungen wesentlich zu stärken.”

EN: “Our expectations have been surpassed in every respect. … Shortly after the workshop we managed to significantly improve our cooperation within the association and to considerably strengthen our interpersonal relations.”

Studenten Bilden Schüler e.V., München

DE (original): “…Wir Frauen sind jetzt im Umgang miteinander viel vorsichtiger und fragen schneller nach. Das erleichtert unsere Arbeit enorm. Es gibt wesentlich weniger Missverständnisse!… Wir waren alle begeistert von der großen Professionalität, mit der der Workshop vorbereitet und durchgeführt wurde….”

EN: “…All of us women have become a lot more mindful in our interactions and check-in with one another much sooner. This has immensely eased our work and significantly fewer misunderstandings arise. … We have all been enthusiastic about the high level of professionality with which the workshop was prepared and delivered…)”

Dorothea Brönner-Bomhard, Einrichtungsleiterin „Spurwechsel ab 55“ - Verein für Fraueninteressen e.V., München

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