Germany – A new space by and for citizens?

When truth is suffering and people lose faith in government, they can unleash unimagined creativity and energy. This is what's happening in Germany.

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A parallel society in the making?


We have seen a wave of creativity and self-help amongst citizens during our current global crisis, called pandemic.

This entry presents a selection from the panoply of organisations and groups springing up in Germany, created and run by citizens of all walks of life.

It covers the following sections:

Please note that the websites listed below are mostly German language websites.

General exploration around the crisis to inform the public


(ENGLISH:)  Corona Committee Foundation

Since mid-July 2020, four German lawyers have been running a Corona Investigative Committee. In multi-hour sessions broadcast weekly, they are interviewing experts from all walks of life from all over the world. They are investigating why federal and state governments imposed unprecedented restrictions as part of the Corona virus response and what the consequences are for people.

The range of topics is amazingly broad. Apart from medical topics, they cover history, the role of the media, of global corporations, of religions, democracy, law, the psychological and health consequences and much, much more.


Law and justice

All of the following organisations are defending the current German Basis Law (Constitution) and its 20 untouchable fundamental rights. Ten of these untouchable rights have been suspended since March 2020, and there is no end to this situation.

In addition to giving practical advice and support, all of the groups provide a great deal of news and background information.

Anwälte für Aufklärung (Lawyers for enlightenment/clarification):

Their objective: To support, represent and defend individual people who’ve been harmed by Corona measures.


Klagepaten (Complaint Sponsors):

This group of lawyers provides free legal advice to people to empower them to stand up for themselves and for their own rights.


Kritische Richter und Anwälte (KRIStA) (Network of Critical Judges and Prosecutors)

KRISTA is a group of critical and politically independent judges and prosecutors.

Rather than provide legal advice, KRIStA’s message for the population is that although there are only a few, there are acknowledged legal experts who are concerned.

They consider current government actions and government-aligned court responses as constitutionally questionable.

Hence they demand a fact-based, open, pluralistic and objective discussion of legal issues in the crisis.

In the longer term, they will connect with other groups in society and politics. Together, they will aspire to design new solutions to serious legal problems and create an independent judiciary within clear separation of powers.

A KRIStA podcast interview in German:


Corona-Bussgeldschutz (Corona Penalty fee support):

These lawyers help people who received a penalty fee for infringement of the hundreds of constantly changing restrictions. They check the validity of the penalty imposed and advise people how to react. Their service is free.


Schluss Jetzt (Stop it Now):

Schluss Jetzt is another group of critical lawyers and they offer text templates for people to defend their rights in this crisis. They also provide information about latest court decisions, on which objections can be based.


Polizisten für Aufklärung (Police for clarification):

This association brings together people from the police, military, emergency services, justice, fire brigade and similar state institutions. For them, a free democratic constitution and human dignity are sacrosanct and should be guaranteed in perpetuity.

They give support, including legal support, to colleagues struggling with moral conflicts, or to people who suffered violence exerted by authorities.

This platform allows for exchanges and international networking.


Medical Doctors, Psychologists and Healing:

Representatives of the following groups again inform the public about additional or alternative findings and insights around a health crisis.

They also take some steps toward healing individuals and society as a whole.


Ärzte für Aufklärung (Medical Doctors for clarification):

This interdisciplinary group of medical doctors and scientists provides professional and evidence-based expertise concerning the COVID-19-pandemics. Their mission statement says:

’Serious information about the real medical expertise is a necessary basis to assess and develop medical and political measures in dealing with the virus.

’We are non-partisan and we unconditionally proclaim democracy, the Basic Law and the Rule of Law.

’We critically engage against disinformation, lobbyism, erosion of democracy, arbitrary political action, the division of our society and the restriction of civil rights.’


Ärzte stehen auf (Medical Doctors standing up):

Doctors rising:

’For the right of bodily integrity (Art. 2,2 GG – Basic Law)’

’For a medicine and research that’s free from conflict of interests

’For a medicine without enforcement

’For freedom of conscience and freedom of choice in the activities of medical practitioners

’For freedom of individual vaccination decision

’For freedom and truth.’

This group brings together those critical medical doctors who consider the Corona measures imposed as disproportionate. They provide protection to the weak, and grant support in times of misery. They send letters to political decision makers, take part in demonstrations, and stand against defamation, smear campaigns and violence.


PsychologInnen für Menschlichkeit und Selbstbestimmung

(Psychologists for humaneness and personal autonomy):

This initiative was created by professionals or students of the human psyche.

They provide relevant psychological content in the current crisis and encourage people to use this knowledge to create resilience. The group will grow their network and work on building bridges within a deeply split society.





Dialog-Kultur (A Culture of Dialogue):


This group of coaches, trainers and therapists also pursue healing in our deeply divided society.

Their priority is to build bridges by creating and spreading a specific dialogue culture. Rather than creating debate spaces, they offer empathy spaces where people will be heard, seen and understood; spaces where they can be who they are, without being judged or defamed.

These professionals act as facilitators and mediators to bring healing back into the corporate world, into friendships and families.


Research and Sciences:

This section covers interdisciplinary groups who want to enrich research and discourse in the crisis. They offer some close and open cooperation and publish their findings.


Wissenschaft steht auf (ENGLISH: Science stands up):

This campaign was initiated by Stiftung Corona Ausschuss (Corona Committee Foundation – see above). Scientists from all kinds of disciplines and walks of life publish their findings on the crisis, including a number of videos to help you see the bigger picture.



Mediziner und Wissenschaftler für Gesundheit, Freiheit und Demokratie (Association of Doctors and Scientists for Health, Freedom and Democracy):

The association brings together medical professionals with scientists whose expertise lies in the topics of health, freedom and democracy.

They are non-partisan and expressly committed to the Basic Law and its values.

To broaden the discussion, members provide expert articles, brochures and videos.

They also run a hotline to help people who lost a loved one as a consequence of the new mRNA-injections.

They had no response to their offers of discourse with and advice to government and parliaments.






Bündnis Ärzte, Psychotherapeuten und Rechtsanwälte für Solidarität und Menschlichkeit

(Alliance of Doctors, Psychotherapists and Lawyers for Solidarity and Humaneness):

In February 2021, this alliance was formed in response to continued raids by state power of  cabinets and houses of medical doctors.

In their Berlin Declaration they speak out against  a politicised form of medicine. Instead they advocate reason-driven medicine, in harmony with nature and the rule of law: ’The dignity of men is unimpeachable.’

The group hopes to attract representatives of further professional groups and have associated themselves with MWGFD.

Bringing some light into the darkness:

Many people are going through an inner conflict: Should they comply with requirements which go against their values, or should they follow their own truth? And what happens then?

These people can find help, additional information or like-minded people by turning to the following groups.

Mutigmacher (The Encouragers):

Mutigmacher offer support to any insider or whistleblower who, on grounds of conscience, cannot or will not go on with their jobs. This can be anyone, from government staff, police, medical doctors and staff, carers, – whoever feels that things are going very wrong.

A protected whistle blower tool allows them to connect with the organisation. They, in turn,  provide legal advice, psychological or financial support, finding a new job or even new housing if needed. Witnesses who want to go public are helped with media contacts.


Citizen-initiated media:


Freiheitsboten (Freedom Messengers):

Freedom Messengers invite anyone interested to join and become active to spread or share information. Their commitment is to inform the public, not least about the fact that they can find support from organisations such as the ones listed here.


Sei Mutig TV (Be courageous TV):

This TV channel offers videos, interviews, webinars and training courses to encourage people to become more self-directed and self-responsible and take their own decisions, untainted by fear or pressure.

Topics go far beyond the current crisis. Reflecting about moving into the new earth, they range from self-designed and self-responsible education, living on a healthy planet, psychology, the powers of the mind and much more.


Auf1: (On1)

This new Austrian news channel invites professional experts and others to share their views, expertise or experience, rejected by the mainstream media.


Independent journalism:


There are also courageous independent journalists. Some lost their jobs because they expressed their discontent about restricted reporting. Other hitherto independent journalists have left the country due to the pressure put on them. To name but two examples: Boris Reitschuster or Apolut.

Many citizen media channels have been created, too. They analyse official websites of governments, parliaments, major international and global organisations and then present their findings to the public. Or they interview experts unheard by the mainstream, or else they process the various official statistics, provide comparisons etc.

Due to pressure on them, some left Europe and are continuing their work from abroad, e.g. from Africa.

Check out in your own country if you find some of those alternative sources.


Citizens and professional groups – Awakening and taking action:

Some of the following groups offer the prospect of a new world. Take a look!


Eltern stehen auf

(Parents standing up):

This association of parents wants children to grow up in a respectful, tolerant, open, free and healthy environment where they can unfold their full mental and physical potential. The current state-imposed conditions don’t guarantee this.

Membership is open to all interested parents. Activities are broad and cover legal steps, mental or financial support, face-to-face picnics, all kinds of information.


Christen im Widerstand (Christians in resistance):

Believers felt that public developments were moving strongly in a direction against a free democratic rule of law and against Christian values.

When governments prohibited masses and singing (sic!), they co-created their own alternative meetings. Again, you find a great deal of moral and practical support as well as information here.


Education and alternative ways of learning:


Lehrer für Aufklärung (Teachers for clarification):

These teachers and teaching staff are experiencing directly how government measures can cause physical, mental and social distress for children (and older learners). Hence they stand up for an open discourse, healthy learning conditions and the rule of law.

They also support teaching staff who lost their jobs for going public with their criticism.


Schulleiter für Aufklärung

(School headmasters for awareness-raising):

These headmasters adapted a Benjamin Franklin quote as their motto: ’Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, will lose both in the end’. (In fact, Franklin had added ’will deserve neither Liberty nor Safety and lose both’.)

They underline the challenges and drawbacks of government measures.

Their site offers information, cooperation and networking to concerned teachers and parents. It encourages them to seize more personal responsibility and organise self-help.


Wir sind frei (We are free):

One possible solution to fun and free-style learning offers the amazing Ricardo Leppe. This young Austrian developed joyful learning alternatives to school learning.

Based on official school curricula, he designs his fast and fun learning tools, so that everything ’official’ can be covered in a short time. This leaves a lot of time which is used to support children in their individual drives to explore and learn.

From his personal home-schooling experience and with his talent as a magician, Ricardo conquers Austrian parents who are looking for innovative, fun and non-suppressive learning opportunities for their kids.

Demand is also growing in Germany. However, here schooling is compulsory. Therefore, Ricardo is working with German lawyers to find ways around this.




Die Akademie der Denker

(The Academy of Thinkers):

The experience of intimidating and muzzling experts, scientists and researchers has led to the launch of this academy. Their vision is to create a community of knowledge. A protected space is provided for the work of the spirit of freedom.

The academy offers a Studium Generale as extracurricular studies. It emphasises a learning environment for independent spirits.



Kultur steht auf (Culture standing up):

Months and years of ’lock-downs’ lead to the death of the cultural sector. This, in turn, leads to the ebbing of diversity, discourse, and diverse and free thinking.

This group of cultural creatives creates alternative opportunities to keep the heart of society alive and beating as much as possible in our times.



Alles auf den Tisch

(Everything on the Table):

This is a campaign led by cultural creatives. For example, seeing a well-known TV actor interview medical experts, lawyers, social scientists etc. is unusual, and attracts attention. In these kind of ways the cultural sector contributes to shedding more light on the current crisis and allowing a deeper understanding.


Business and travel:

Menschlich Wirtschaften (Humane ways of business):

This group brings together entrepreneurs, craftsmen, service providers, private individuals, medical doctors, economists, professors and the like – people who want to see the current crisis as an opportunity for new ways of togetherness in our society.

Here is what they say:

’We feel in our hearts and we realise that things have to change. Looking for a solution, we formed our common objective: humane ways of business by the threefold social order’. (An approach is based on Rudolf Steiner’s work).

’Together with you, we are building a stable network to foster economic and emotional safety amongst like-minded people. We do this by means of a humane form of economic management. Within our cooperative, a new trade area is emerging for entrepreneurs and private individuals. It covers German-speaking countries.

’The cooperative’s profits will be used for projects such as an independent education system. A large number of great ideas is currently emerging from an open togetherness.’



Unternehmer mit Herz: (Entrepreneurs with heart):

These entrepreneurs stand up for freedom, self-responsibility and humaneness. They distance themselves from putting pressures on employees. Instead they want to offer workplaces where employees can develop their full potential, where earth-shattering innovation can happen, and where employers will be proud of employees. This requires a free, supportive and fearless environment.

All entrepreneurs who share these values are invited to sign up.


Freedom Travel Alliance

This Alliance is international, rather than German-based only. It is open to anyone interested world-wide. 

So far, the Alliance works on a membership basis. Their intention is to build ’a new ecosystem that respects the right to movement and travel without discrimination for all of our community members’.

Their purpose is ’To be the solution provider in the travel and transportation industry, honoring everyone’s right to move freely and to bring joy back into travel industry’.

New ways of governance:


Can people’s initiatives lead to new ways of governance? Can they perhaps replace a broken system? Take a look at what else people have come up with so far.

Since the beginning of the crisis, masses of people have been taking to the streets in peaceful protest. Many felt that more needed to be done. Some fledgling political parties were formed in the hope that people could be heard by politicians.

Apart from more traditional structures, a number of initiatives are seeking new ways of governing and potentially drafting a new constitution. Everyone interested is encouraged to come and take part. Some examples are showcased here.

The party which gained a wider reach, is:

Die Basis – a new political party:

Their main intention is to cooperate with the people and to create a grassroots democracy.

Apart from a very short framework programme, four pillars describe their general attitude toward life, people and policy making: Freedom, Limitation of Power, Mindfulness and Swarm Intelligence.

Their internal decision-making uses a specific form of ’consensing’, which allows everyone to take part, or to make suggestions. Unlike traditional voting, this process avoids losing 49% of ideas.

For members, it seems natural to pursue personal development. They use „family“ constellations, as well as spiritual practices not only individually, but also in groups.

At the national elections 2021, the party only obtained 1.4% of the vote. However, they consider themselves as a movement which operates beyond elections.


Republik in Bewegung (The Republic gets moving):

This initiative considers the current mood in society as an opportunity to develop something better than we’ve had. A constitutional right to real participation for all, direct democracy, referenda at the federal level, an end to the abuse of power etc.

The demands may not be revolutionary; however, the authors have started concrete steps into this direction.   



Gemeinwohllobby (Lobby for the Common Good):

To find new ways forward, Gemeinwohllobby drafted a ’Social FAIRtract’ (a fair social contract) as governance seems to have failed us: Basic needs are at risk, social inequalities are rising, and society is highly divided.

Everyone is invited to contribute and can send in amendments. There will be votes on the different versions, until a final draft has emerged. This will then be submitted for an informal national referendum.

Current German legislation does not provide for national referenda. However, people are marching ahead to produce their own work and create new realities.


Unsere Verfassung (Our Constitution):

The German Constitution is called the ’Basic Law’. Even after German Reunification in 1990, the Basic Law was not changed for a new text that could be supported by people of both parts of Germany.

For a long time there has been a debate amongst both constitutional experts and citizens whether a basic law was enough for the new Germany. Could a completely new Constitution also bring more independence, for example from the old ties with the Allied Forces?

This group is looking at Art. 146 of the Basic Law which claims:

’This Basic Law …. loses its legal force on the day when a Constitution enters into force, which was adopted in a free decision by the German people.’

People are discussing this and figuring out how to take new directions.



Deutschland sucht das Grundgesetz (Germany in search of the Basic Law):

The current crisis has seen ten out of the twenty sacrosanct fundamental rights in Germany’s Constitution (Basic Law) suspended, for an indefinite period of time. This suspension of fundamental rights brought these people together. Their platform invites people to reflect on finding ways to preserve fundamental rights and the rule of law in times of crisis. Their values are freedom, humaneness and justice.


When you consider this broad yet incomplete account of newly emerging organisations, what do you think?

Will an alternative parallel society which we see emerging, co-exist alongside the old world, albeit temporarily?

Will it prove so strong that old structures can fall away?

Do you see other options?

If you see similar developments in your country, do let me know, so we can showcase them here.


Harmonious Protest


Finally, I’d like to invite you to enjoy citizens making harmonised soft protest across Europe! ’We want to dance again’! Perhaps you’d like to join in?

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