What’s next? Eco-civilisation in the making?

Where are we all heading? Violeta Bulc says, it’s Eco-civilisation. Check out what this may look like, and get involved if it resonates with you!


Have you been asking yourself lately where the world is going?


If so, you are in great company!

Some non-elected super wealthy and less wealthy “leaders” have their own ideas about this. You may or may not have heard about their plans and you may or may not like them. At any rate, they are not asking for your opinion.

Therefore it’s all the more important for all of us to reflect on how we want to live in the future. Most will agree that our “old” pre-2020 world has gone for ever.

So what does a world look like that you want to live in? What are your essential values?

Once you have a clearer idea, you can ask “How can we get there?” To take the first step, ask yourself: “What can I do from where I am with what I have?”

We are all powerful beings! Are you aware of your own power? Whether your answer is yes or no, let me invite you to take a look at one such emerging model in the world, and someone who has started sketching a new world.



Sensing weak signals


Violeta Bulc senses weak signals in our global societies. She sees them leading towards an emerging “eco-civilisation“.

Violeta is an amazing, well-connected and versatile personality. Her journey through life covers roles as a business woman, member of her national basket ball team, IT engineer in Silicon Valley, California, Deputy Prime Minister of Slovenia and then EU Commissioner for Transport and Mobility (2014-2019). She is a spiritual person and now lives in Slovenia.

Together with her daughter Pina Maja Bulc, she explores those eco-civilisation phenomena.



This is how she sees it emerging on our planet:


“It’s coming from within. More and more of us are feeling it, sensing it, acting upon our inner calling. We know that it is time to live differently. To be more connected to the living world around us. To be in balance with the Planet, the Universe, with ourselves and our fellow humans.

“I feel the new civilisation has a clear mission: firstly, to create Planet Earth as an eco-zone of the Universe with its rich biodiversity at its core. Secondly, to populate the Universe by using technology, curiosity, and greatness to drive it.  

“The major change in the organisation of eco-civilisation is going to be our deep understanding that we are part of a common shared space, within the same shared consciousness.

“Consequently, the structures are system-based and in the form of networks which foster relationship-based society. The concept of competition is stepping aside to give way towards infinite collaboration, where the only principle is that the collaboration never ends.

“The basic entities of eco civilisation are: beings with clear purpose, land with a richness of resources, society with deep collaboration networks, consciousness with ever-evolving levels of awareness, and relationships with content that keeps them in an active state.”




Connecting the dots – Creating nodes


In pursuit of her mission, Violeta initiated and now runs four different types of regular global talks. They serve to further explore the emergence of eco-civilisation and how it might be brought to life:

Eco-civilisation Talks:


  • Eco-civilisation Talks: Here invitees either represent a specific group, e.g. Youth, to explore their views, hopes and aspirations. Or the talks focus on diverse topics, such as “The roots of civilisation” or “New Architecture/Design and Civilisation”.
  • Eco-civilisation in Action/Circular Economy: Here practical elements are being shared and considered. How and where in the world do we see eco-civilisation already expressed? Or, what are new business ideas within circular economy?
  • The Year of Ubuntu: How can the practice of African Ubuntu help us in every walk of life and how can we apply it?
  • Global Open House: In these calls notably young people come together to share their ideas and support each other without any particular speakers to initiate their conversations.


Ecocivilisation Talks: Ecocivilisation Narrative, 24.3.3021


We are all invited to dream, imagine and manifest together with others the future we want to live. You, too, are invited to join and discuss the ways to make it happen. And if this resonates with you, think of what can be your first step to co-create the world you want to live in!

Perhaps to get more information and sign up for one of the calls here?

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