Quantum Flirts

Quantum Flirts, paradigms and clear glasses.

Why do we need new thinking?

Quantum Flirts are connecting thoughts and ideas in new ways.
Paradigms are the glasses we wear that colour our thinking and feeling about our world.
With clear glasses that let all the colours in, we can expect results that enrich everyone.
Quantum Flirts are an invitation to put on new glasses.

Have you met any of Donald Trump’s pen pals yet?

I have! Uffe Elbaek, a member of the Danish Parliament recently sent me examples of the thousands of emails he’s received from Donald Trump over the last four years.

Enjoy a look at the exhibition Uffe organised around this one-way communication and read Uffe’s take on his friendship!

We don’t have a health care system, we have a sickness care system.

Our governments choose to declare war on sickness. War always ends in suffering.

We can take a different approach.

What would a true health care system look like?

Here is what it could look like when we allow all voices to be heard:


The People – Can Knowledge become Power?

We can agree with this opinion or not. We can hold completely different views of the situation. This example nevertheless illustrates how ordinary citizens can take the initiative to pool expertise and express their informed opinions.

What about creating a world, where this happened as a general rule? Where politicians and citizens listened to each other at eye level and cooperated in well informed ways?