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We don’t have a health care system, we have a sickness care system.

The current way we are dealing with health is unfit for a world that’s growing together and becoming more inter-dependent. It contributes to dividing our societies. COVID 19 showed this dramatically! It split societies into two tribes (and a middle ground): Those who are fearful of the virus and those who are upset about the lock-down.

We have two unconnected approaches to health and medicine: One that we experience publicly and one that’s happening outside the public realm.

The division coincides with the two-class health systems in many countries, whereby private health insurances are often reserved for the rich. To these two camps you can add access to more knowledge (private) versus not knowing (public) about many more health options.

The most exciting and promising healing successes are happening outside the public realm and outside governmental reach. Many scientific breakthroughs have paved the way for those successes.


The People – Can Knowledge become Power?

We can agree with this opinion or not. We can hold completely different views of the situation. This example nevertheless illustrates how ordinary citizens can take the initiative to pool expertise and express their informed opinions.

What about creating a world, where this happened as a general rule? Where politicians and citizens listened to each other at eye level and cooperated in well informed ways?